We are pleased to hear that two of our banks, Danao Bank and OniCredit Bank, are offering consumer-friendly credit and have just released their credit parameters. There is a large selection, you can look at interest rates or THMs, and we come across several offers.


Let’s continue with the details!


There are more and more qualified loans in the housing market. These days, two of our major banks are recommending qualified consumer-friendly loans in their announcements, the aforementioned Danao and OniCredit Banks, which also offer more opportunities for those interested.
Banks offer consumers a variety of terms, which can be 3, 5, 10 year fixed rate loans or fixed rate all the time, although the bid results are scattered because not all categories have applied for certification.


So let’s look at the new qualifying consumer-friendly credit line by bank

So let

  • MMB, OPT and Raizen recommend 1 to 1 products,
  • Konsume and FFB give you two options,
  • Erxst launches its products in three categories
  • Danao Bank offers 5 and 10 year interest rate fixation as it turned out.
  • OniCredit offers three options over longer maturities (for 3 or 5 year or fixed rate loans).


Central bank’s decision to consumer-friendly home loans

According to the central bank

  • Danao can fix interest rates for 5 or 10 years, with maturities of 5-30 years and 10-30 years,
  • OniCredit can fix interest rates for 3 or 5 years, with maturities of 4-20 years and 4-30 years,
  • Option 2 for OniCredit is that you may have interest fixed until the end of the term but only for 10 and 15 years.

While only the 3-5 year maturity was winner among the banks, now OniCredit has been catching up with MMB Bank as only these two banks offer more options for long-term loans than ever. Now those who are afraid of interest rate risk can also choose from consumer-friendly home loans.

It should be noted that MMB Bank gives a taste of 15 and 20 year fixed loans, while OniCredit is competing for 10 or 15 years fixed loans.


About interest rates

About interest rates

  • Available at Danao Bank with a 5-year fixed interest rate of 4.5% and a 10-year long fixed interest rate of 5.7%. It can be reduced by discounts (eg by paying a higher amount of income).
  • For OniCredit, the initial interest rate for a 3 or 5 year fixed rate is 4.17% or 5.13%, and for a 10 or 15 year fixed rate loan is 5.65% and 7.02%.
  • OniCredit also has an interest rate discount that anyone can claim.


Next starting interest rate is determined by the banks

Next starting interest rate is determined by the banks

For 20 million real estate purchases, we calculate the 10 million loans with a 20-year term and a monthly income of 300,000 HUF per bank!

  • FFB bank 5 years 3.93%, 10 years 5%
  • Erxst Bank 3 years 3.59%, 5 years 4.44%, 10 years 5.76%.
  • Konsume Bank: 3 years 3.67%, 5 years 4.40%.
  • MMB Bank: Fixed at 6.01%
  • OPT Bank: 10 years 6.65%
  • Raizen Bank: 5 years, 3.95%.

We would also like to help with the administration, we can offer different current home loan offers without having to visit several banks. We offer free, convenient, fast, reliable administration, and our credit intermediaries are guaranteed to offer such facilities as banks.
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