It is difficult to make a decision without looking at the current housing market situation, and it may well be that 100,000 will be our choice. We must also continue to consider the consequences of imminent changes.


There is a growing demand for home loans

There is a growing demand for home loans

But it is important to make the right choice! Cheap home loans are not necessarily secure in the long run, even though the APR is only 2.5%.

Interest rates on secured home loans have also been lower, and fixed-term loans for 5 to 10 years are more favorable as they can be taken at a APR of 3.45-4.36%.

Although 2017 has seen an explosive change in home mortgages, there are only faint signs of change so far.

Lending has exploded compared to previous years, though one reason for this was the deep fluctuation of interest rates.

In a low interest rate environment,the choice of interest period became even more important.

  • Short-term loans (payday loans vary every 3, 6, 12 months) and can be borrowed at rates below 3%. In the future, however, interest rates on this loan may move wherever they are, but it is likely that interest rates will rise in the next few years.

Opportunities are given, who today would require $ 10 million for 20 years, and you can get this loan at a favorable APR of 2.52% among favorable 3-month loans. It is recommended that you choose this type of loan if you have a well-balanced family, have a relatively higher monthly income, and may also have savings to offset any changes in interest rates and are thinking about the short term.

If the circumstances are different, less reserves, smaller family budgets, then you should look for security, that is to say, longer term, more secure credit schemes!


Choosing a fixed rate loan saves customers a lot of risk

Choosing a fixed rate loan saves customers a lot of risk

So they don’t have to worry about raising interest rates. Therefore, they pay only a slightly higher interest rate at the beginning of the repayment, which is not so huge as credit institutions give it at very favorable terms. Over the past year we have seen declining interest rates, favorable loans have appeared in the market, for example. consumer-friendly credit, or family-friendly home loans. They also offer financial advantages over general home loans.

According to the financial analyst:

“The interest rate for the best fixed loans varies between 3.11% and 7.07%, depending on the rate of fixation. You can get 5-10 year loans with sufficient security and predictability with a APR of 3.45-4.36%! This results in a monthly repayment of HUF 57.5 thousand and HUF 61.6 thousand. ”

Because of the welcome interest terms, consumer-friendly loans have abandoned all schemes.


Home loan market today has no better credit 

Home loan market today has no better credit 

The aim of the MNB is to achieve interest rate stability, in the current interest rate environment it is necessary to increase the inclination for fixed-rate loans, and in the case of disbursements it seeks primarily to provide customers with access to cheaper home loans. We recommend our specialists to find the best home loans.

If you are interested in home loans, CSOK, consumer friendly home loans, consult our credit brokerage experts who will provide you with expert advice free of charge! Fill out the form and we’ll call you back!

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